We work with local restaurants to offer you an array of choices to support your catering needs. We will work with you to provide the breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack options that are desirable to you.

If you are a local restaurant interested in joining our list of caterers, please contact Rachel Doyle for more information.

Resources and guidelines

The staff of Woonsocket Education Center looks forward to working with you to make your event successful. Renters may bring in their own food (potluck), have food delivered to the facility, or have the event catered. If you plan to hire a caterer, please ask them to contact the Woonsocket Education Center prior to each catered event for which your company has been hired. These guidelines are general and not comprehensive. You are welcome to make an appointment prior to the event for a walk-through. If you have any questions about catering at WOC, kindly call us at 401-743-5896.

  • WOC rents white tablecloths. If you wish to rent our white tablecloths, they must be reserved at least 4 days in advance. You may opt to bring in your own linens, tablecloths, skirting and napkins.
  • WOC does not have commercial refrigerators, freezers, microwaves or ovens available for food preparation. Served meals must be pre-plated or served buffet style. Similarly, the center does not have dishwashing capabilities.
  • Items not on premises for rental: water pitchers, coffee urns; serving platters, chafing dishes, china, silver, glass party ware, or a hand truck. Similarly, the WOC does not donate: paper or plastic plates, cutlery, or cups; condiments; coffee supplies such as stirrers, sugar packets, etc.
  • Only battery-operated candles are permitted in the facility.
  • Fog/smoke machines, flame candles, dry ice, sparklers, propane tanks, glitter, and confetti are not allowed.
  • Electric hotplates and warmers are preferred. Chafing dishes and racks needing flame-lit ethanol gel may be used only with advance permission.
  • No decorations may be affixed to the walls, ceilings, floors, light fixtures or property of Woonsocket Education Center.
  • If the alarm system activates due to a helium balloon, you may be billed for false alarm charges incurred.
  • The facility may be rented to multiple groups on a particular date, so we ask that you not enter the facility until your designated rental time and that you depart when scheduled.
  • Use the main entrance for loading and unloading unless otherwise instructed.
  • Please do not block building entrances.
  • Facility staff is not authorized to sign for your deliveries.
  • Due to space and security concerns, items cannot be stored prior to or following your event.
  • Please do not ask facility staff to assist with carrying in or setting up food service preparations. If you wish to move any furniture, please ask WOC staff first.
  • Please remove all items that were carried into the building.
  • Receptacles will be provided for trash and recycling.
  • Please spot clean any spills on carpeting and walls. If deeper cleaning is necessary, the center will contract with a service and may forward an invoice to the booking guest.

All companies offering food service at the WOC must provide these documents:

  • Company business license
  • Department of Health Certificate to Operate a Food Establishment
  • Valid Food Manager Certifications for all employees handling food and beverage

Copies of permits and forms must be submitted a minimum of five business days prior to your event.

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