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Fall 2019

Back by popular demand! Now enrolling for University of Rhode Island's Office of Strategic Initiatives' two GRANT WRITING workshops at Westerly Education Center. At the very affordable price of $149 each or $279 for both, you can learn the skills necessary to procure grants and funds for your initiatives. The workshops are designed to provide core competencies in research opportunities, planning, persuasive writing and creating a budget.

Grant Writing I (Basics)
Learn how to search for data and resources, fomulate objectives, plan content, write, package and submit a proposal.

Grant Writing II (Writing the Grant)
Individualized instruction as you write an actual grant of your choice. This is such a great opportunity to have an experienced professional available to help advise you and critique the submission.

Sessions at 23 Friendship Street, Westerly
Instructor: Robert Cipriano

Grant Writing I - Monday, October 21 | 9-4
Grant Writing II - Monday, November 18 | 9-4

Register using this weblink: https://bit.ly/2Hg1inc

This special course is offered by URI's Office of Strategic Initiatives. For additional information, contact Gayla Gazerro, gayla@uri.edu; 401-277-5236


Back by Request and now offered in the evening...real estate and architectural design courses. 

For anyone looking to update or purchase property, learn how to work with all the professionals who will keep you motivated, on-track and within budget. These two courses in REAL ESTATE are apprpriate for anyone who wants to be prepared and plan effectively. 

Getting Started in Real Estate Development 
For anyone thinking about purchasing or acquiring an interest in a real estate project, this course will address the fundamentals of investing in real estate. As part of this discussion, this course provides an introduction to real estate with a focus on economics, law, finance, architectural design, development, marketing, and planning. Real estate development is a complex process involving numerous players including, developers, bankers, financial managers, investors, architects, engineers, contractors, community interest groups and a host of government agencies and departments at the local, state, and the federal governments. Critical to this discussion is an understanding of how the planning process shapes development proposals.

Architectural Design for the Non-Professional
This course is designed for anyone contemplating a major renovation or design of a new home or commercial property, and introduces the principles of architectural design. The role design can have in creating value for the user and investor will be addressed. As part of this discussion, critical issues which shape the design solutions for commercial and residential development will be presented including: adjacent use, public transportation, pedestrian access, massing, FAR (floor height ratio), sun, and shade. Participants will develop a sensitivity to consumer choice in shaping the details of a design solution. Examine strategies for making buildings net-zero energy. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a program and design concept for a commercial or residential project. During the process of developing a design, participants will be introduced to both traditional and computer-aided design techniques. A goal of this course is to improve the process of engagement with architects and other design professionals.

Instructor: Richard M. Levy, M.Arch, PhD, College of Business, University of Rhode Island 

Credits: 1 CEU per course

Getting Started in Real Estate Development, $249
Meets October 1, October 8, October 15 and October 22 from 5-8pm
Westerly Education Center

Architectural Design for the Non-Professional, $249
Meets October 3, October 10, October 17, and October 24 from 5-8pm 
Westerly Education Center

Enroll in both and save $48.
$450 for both courses

For additional information, contact Gayla Gazerro, gayla@uri.edu; 401-277-5236


Fall 2019

MCE 571  - 0250   Theory of Elasticity I

Thursday, September 4 to December 10, 2019

5:00-7:45 pm

(3 crs.) Development of the basic field equations; general concepts of stress and strain; generalized Hooke's law; plane problems; stress functions; Saint Venant torsion and flexure; introduction to three-dimensional problems. (Lec. 3) Pre: CVE 220 or equivalent.