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Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Social and Human Service Assistance 

Now accepting accpliations for the spring and summer 2019 cohort.

All classes will be held in Westerly at Westerly Education Center

If you have a passion to help others in need, turn that passion into a career. This eight-month program offers the support and training needed to move into a rewarding career in human service.

Students receive: 

  • 24 college credits and a certificate of undergraduate study that can apply toward a four-year college degree
  • Job development, professional development, and hands-on experience through 100 hours of internship experience

Spring 2019 Courses

  • Professional Development for Social Work
  • Introduction to Human Services
  • Basic Interviewing Skills for Human Service Assistance
  • Basic Writing Skills in Social Services
  • Generalist Practice for Human Services

Summer 2019 Courses

  • Professional Development for Social Work
  • Advanced Interviewing Skills for Human Services
  • Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
  • Integrative Seminar & 100-hour Field Experience

Financial aid is available for eligible students | Course materials on loan | Pell Grant applicable for eligible students

For more details and to enroll, call 401-316-9865 or email Lori Jordan at ljordan@ric.edu

Faculty Coordinator
Pamela Watson, Assistant Professor
Bachelor of Social Work Program
(401) 456-8613

Rhode Island College Workforce Development Training Programs
Lori N. Jordan, Coordinator
Westerly Education Center
(401) 316-9865

ESL CoursesESL logo

Our ESL classes are designed to improve students’ grammar, speaking, listening, writing and reading abilities for academic and professional purposes. We offer classes in 5 proficiency levels, from Level 1 (Foundations) to Level 5 (Advanced). Semesters start 3 times a year: January, May and August. Classes follow the Rhode Island College (RIC) Academic Calendar.
In class, instructors use a variety of methods and techniques to meet students’ needs. Students will experience language learning through communicative & academic focused lessons. In each class, students are required to be actively involved in practicing their English with a variety of classroom activities including: conversation practice, guided grammar practice, writing assignments, academic presentations and interactive class activities among many other engaging activities.
Nuestras clases de inglés como segunda lengua (ESL) están diseñadas para que los estudiantes desarrollan o mejoran los habilidades en la gramática, el habla, la escucha, la escritura y la lectura para propósitos académicos y profesionales. Ofrecemos clases en 5 niveles, desde Nivel 1 (Fundamentos) a Nivel 5 (Avanzado). Los semestres empiezan 3 veces por año: Enero, Mayo y Agosto. Las clases siguen el calendario academico de Rhode Island College (RIC).
En las clases, los instructores usan métodos diversos de enseñanza de acuerdo a la necesidades de los estudiantes. Los estudiantes aprenderán inglés a través de lecciones comunicativas y académicas. En cada clase, es requerido que los estudiantes sean activo en la práctica de su inglés a través de actividades diversas como: práctica de conversaciones, práctica guiada de gramática, tareas de escritura, presentaciones académicos y actividades interactivos entre muchas otras actividades.
As nossas aulas de inglês como a segunda língua (ESL) são projetadas para melhorar as habilidades de gramática, fala, escuta, escrita e leitura dos alunos para fins acadêmicos e profissionais. Oferecemos aulas em 5 níveis de proficiência, do Nível 1 (Fundações) ao Nível 5 (Avançado). Os semestres ocorrem 3 vezes por ano: Janeiro, Maio e Agosto. As aulas seguem o calendário acadêmico do Rhode Island College (RIC).
Na sala de aula, os instrutores usam uma variedade de métodos e técnicas para atender às necessidades dos alunos. Os alunos aprenderão inglês através de aulas focadas em comunicações e acadêmicos. Em cada aula, os alunos devem participar ativamente da prática do seu inglês com uma variedade de atividades na sala de aula, incluindo: prática de conversação, prática de gramática guiada, trabalhos de escrita, apresentações acadêmicas e atividades de classe interativa entre muitas outras atividades envolventes.


Office of Professional Studies and Continuing Education

Rhode Island College's Professional Studies and Continuing Education (PSCE) extends the educational offerings and resources of RIC and provides administrative programming support and assistance to affiliated agencies and organizations on and off campus. 

PSCE units and programs include Continuing Education, Summer Sessions, Early Spring Session, Faculty-Led Travel, Outreach Programs, Career Development Center, RI STEAM Center, ESL Intensive and ExCEL Programs, Economic and Leadership Development, Sustainability Programs, Langevin Center for Design, Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing and various cultural and community programs. 

PSCE needs, values and depends on our campus and community partners to support effective programs.  All CE courses and programs are offered in cooperation with RIC schools and departments. For partnering agencies and organizations, PSCE provides assistance with establishing courses and workshops and with identifying College resources that support continuing education activities. Rhode Island College has a long history of providing such assistance to business and industry and to public and private schools and agencies.