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All courses below are being held at Westerly Education Center, 23 Friendship Street, Westerly.

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Fall Semester 2019 

ACCT-1010-343 Financial Accounting
This course presents the objectives and basic procedures of accounting for a business organized as a corporation. Topics will include the accounting cycle for service and merchandising firms, accounting for short term liquid assets, inventories, long-term assets and current liabilities.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:00-9:10 pm

BIOL-1001-341 Introduction to Biology Organismal
This course is one part of a two-semester introduction to the fundamentals of biology intended for science majors and may be taken independently of BIOL 1002. This course investigates biology at the organismal level through the presentation and discussion of biological processes and systems, including genetics, evolution and ecology. Additionally, the diversity in form and function of multi-cellular organisms (plants, fungi and animals) is explored.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Mondays, 5:30- 8:00 pm

BUSN-1010-341 Introduction to Business
This course emphasizes both small and publicly traded businesses along with strategies for competing in modern economic conditions. Topics include: cultivating a business in a diverse global environment, developing and implementing customer-driven strategies, motivating and empowering employees to satisfy customers and financing a small business. This course serves as a prerequisite for several courses in the business curriculum. However, this prerequisite may be waived and credit received by examination or submission of a portfolio.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Tuesdays, 6:30-9:00 pm

COMM-1100-341 Public Speaking
This one-semester basic course in speech is designed to develop each student's ability to communicate effectively in his or her academic, business, and social life. The major emphasis is on the preparation and delivery of formal speeches, but many areas of the communication process are explored
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Wednesdays, 6:30-9:10 pm

ECON-2030-341 Principles of Microeconomics
This course studies economic principles with emphasis on the price system, resource allocation, industrial organization, international trade and comparative economic systems.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Tuesdays, 6:00-8:30 pm

ENGL-1005-341 College Writing
This course focuses on the writing process: planning organizing, developing, drafting and revising. Course activities begin with paragraphs and progress to essays and include research documentation assignments.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Mondays, 6:30 pm - 9:10 pm

ENGL-1010-341 Composition I
Composition I is recommended for all first-year students and required for many, depending on curriculum. The purpose of this course is to enable students to write fluent, accurate and effective essays, including research and documentation assignments.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Thursdays, 6:30-9:10 pm

ENGL-0890-341 Critical Reading for College Success
In this course the student develops critical reading and thinking skills that are essential for college and workplace success. Focus is on building an enhanced vocabulary, as well as examining author's purpose and point of view, drawing inferences and applying advanced comprehension strategies. In addition, a work of nonfiction is required reading.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Mondays, 6:00-9:10 pm

GEOL-1010-341 General Geology I - Physical Geology
This course investigates the planet Earth, explaining the geologic events and features through plate tectonics. Major topics included are the study of minerals and rocks; volcanoes; earthquakes; weathering and erosion; streams and floods; and groundwater. In addition, a field trip to localities in Rhode Island and the vicinity is taken.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Tuesdays, 5:00-7:25 pm

MATH-1139-341 Math for Liberal Arts Students
This course deals with the fundamentals of logic, set theory, probability and statistics. Prerequisite or appropriate placement required.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Wednesdays, 6:00-8:30 pm

MATH-1200-341 College Algebra
Designed for students who plan eventually to study quantitative business analysis or calculus, this course covers functions and graphs; systems of equations and inequalities; quadratic equations; polynomial and rational expressions; radical, exponential and logarithmic forms. Prerequisite or appropriate placement required.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Wednesdays, 6:00-9:20 pm

MATH-0095-341 Developmental Math Emporium
Math 0095 is the course students enroll in if they wish to complete their developmental mathematics requirements in the emporium. Students will progress through course modules under the supervision of a faculty member. Students will be awarded credit for MATH 0099, MATH 0100 or MATH 0101 depending on how much progress the students makes in the emporium.
09/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Tuesdays, 5:30-8:50 pm

MATH-0095-342 Developmental Math Emporium
Math 0095 is the course students enroll in if they wish to complete their developmental mathematics requirements in the emporium. Students will progress through course modules under the supervision of a faculty member. Students will be awarded credit for MATH 0099, MATH 0100 or MATH 0101 depending on how much progress the students makes in the emporium.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-11:10 am

OCEN-1010-341 Introduction to Oceanography
This course is a study of the marine environment describing principles of physical, chemical, biological and geological oceanography. topics include the origin of oceans; the composition and history of seawater; oceanic currents, tides, waves and beaches; the sea floor; plant and animal life in the sea; oceanic resources and food; and marine pollution.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Thursdays, 5:00-7:25 pm

OCEN-1030-341 Oceanography Lab
This lab course emphasizes topics covered in OCEN 1010 (Introduction to Oceanography) such as ocean life, sediments, salinity, currents and plate tectonics. It allows a more hands-on approach to learning. Lab Fee: $10
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Thursdays, 7:30-9:30 pm

POLS-1010-341 American National Government
This course is a study of the American political system at the national level. It covers the structure of the U.S. government and its powers and limitations. It also covers policymaking, the governing and electoral processes, the roles of the people, the media, special interests and political parties. Areas of national concern such as economic and foreign policy and national security also are covered.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Mondays, 6:00-8:30 pm

PSYC-2010-741 General Psychology
This course is a survey of the core areas of the science of psychology. Emphasis is placed on theories, methods and findings concerning learning, motivation, physiology, sensation-perception, social behavior, personality, behavior disorders and therapies.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Tuesdays, 6:30-9:10 pm

SPAN-1030-341 Elementary Spanish I
Spanish 1030 is a faster paced version of Spanish 1010. This course is suitable for students with previous experience i.e. Basic spoken Spanish and /or other prior formal study of the language, prior formal study of another foreign language, or informal experience with a foreign language. The course covers elements of the language including: conversation, pronunciation, reading, writing, and grammar. Aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures are also included.
9/03/2019 - 12/21/2019
Mondays, 6:30-9:10 pm

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