Westerly Education Endowment Fund

By the generosity of Westerly Education Endowment Fund (WEEF), several Westerly High School students were able to participate in the Youth Boatbuilding program offered this summer at Westerly Education Center. Their donation was true to the WEEF mission: to provide enhanced educational experiences to Westerly students. For local teenagers, it was the chance to learn new skills while simultaneously piquing interest in careers in the marine trades.

WEEF funding augments formal education provided to youth via the public school system. They consider grant applications for educational initiatives that they feel will have the greatest impact and sustainability potential for Westerly public school students. Their initial investment is intended to drive wider support for program sustainability and long-term success.

WEEF supports a wide array of programs and endeavors, in many aspects of education, and has established funds that can specifically be directed to grants relating to science and technology, literacy, performing arts, business and professional development, and more. WEEF also supports programs that concentrate on the emotional well-being and physical safety of students. In short, they invest in the noble goals of education and health of town youth.

In addition to the summer boat-building program, the fund’s board also supported the enrollment of Westerly High School students in a maritime sheet metal course tailored specifically for the needs of General Dynamics Electric Boat shipbuilding training. Students who successfully complete the course are given hiring preference and are well-prepared for work immediately after high school graduation. The students concurrently earn their high school diplomas and postsecondary credits from CCRI for their sheet metal course.

We thank the WEEF board and all of the people who support WEEF fundraising activities for their dedication to the community and for their grants to WEC youth programming.

Because of the generosity of WEEF, students learned a new skill over the summer. It's seaworthy! Students enjoyed giving their boats, crafted by hand, a test run.