Amgen and Amgen Foundation

Because of an increase in U.S. manufacturing, employers find themselves in need of individuals trained in process technology. The lack of qualified candidates for open process technology positions affects the Northeast region of the United States and, especially, major manufacturing employers in southern New England, such as Amgen, the global biotechnology manufacturing pioneer.

Some level of technical training and/or experience is needed in order to qualify for positions that hold promise for long and successful careers. Until recently, finding strong, entry-level candidates had been a challenge because these individuals were previously drawn from established manufacturing facilities, now idle due to globalism and technological advances in manufacturing. Amgen, together with other businesses, industries and higher education institutions in Rhode Island, collectively, are working to solve their skills gap challenges. The 10-week "Process Technologist of the Future” program familiarizes candidates in chemical processing and government regulations; safety and workplace responsibilities; physical properties and determinations; chemical calculations; handling chemicals; pressure and vacuum; sampling; fluid mechanics and plumbing; computer control and monitoring systems; standard operating procedures; basic electricity; process operations; and soft skills.

Amgen and Amgen Foundation have invested in the success of this workforce development program and are making significant contributions to the growth of the state’s skilled labor base. The company has hired graduates of the program and hosted tours for candidates. These are certainly key goals for the program, but Amgen Foundation’s donation of $10,000 toward the construction and equipment purchases of the new science laboratories at Westerly Education Center demonstrates their commitment to the quality of the education all of the students receive. A teaching lab that exposes students to the most modern equipment benefits all who are working to develop baseline skills and boosts the employability of the students seeking careers in STEM careers. A sincere thank you to Amgen and Amgen Foundation for their outstanding contributions to science education, particularly to the ongoing success of the Process Technologist of the Future training program.