The level of financial investment that the Washington Trust Charitable Foundation has offered to Westerly Education Center has contributed to the firm establishment of our roots and early success. When approached by Tom Liguori and Dan King, WEC’s early development team, Washington Trust didn’t hesitate in donating $100,000 toward the construction of the center on Friendship Street. In our first few weeks of business, Washington Trust donated gently-used filing cabinets, bookcases, desks and chairs, saving us thousands of dollars. Later, when we began fundraising for the construction of new science labs on the second floor, once again Washington Trust stepped forward and contributed funding toward the modification of classrooms and the acquisition of appropriate lab equipment. The addition of the biology and chemistry labs were necessary to the successful hands-on training incorporated in the process technology course, and CCRI uses the labs for its science courses.

Edward O. Handy, III, Senator Dennis Algiere, and many others at the Bank have embraced the mission of Westerly Education Center and efforts to support economic development via workforce training for prospective employees. In addition to financial generosity, Washington Trust has hired students who have completed the NRI Academy’s call center, banking, customer service and financial services training program at Westerly Education Center.

For more than 200 years, Washington Trust has served the local community, helping people, businesses, and non-profit organizations reach their financial goals. We are grateful to Washington Trust and the Washington Trust Charitable Foundation for their generous support of Westerly Education Center, our students, and community at large.  

Senator Dennis Algiere (L) and Chairman & CEO Edward O. Handy, III (R) present to Executive Director Amy Grzybowski (C) a donation from Washington Trust in support of the science labs construction.                                                        Senator Algiere welcomes guests at the ribbon-cutting ceremony last year.