8/13/21: Per Executive Order, all persons entering Westerly Education Center must wear a face mask. 

For Women Only


- Maybe you have been thinking you would like to work with your hands AND your brain.
- Maybe you’re secretly in love with being a part of a huge team that's all working together on one goal?
- Maybe you have always wanted to work in the trades but someone talked you out of it.

Maybe it's time to dip a toe in the water and try out some trades without obligation.

Electric Boat is hosting sessions in six of its shipbuilding trades in November. The sessions are for women only and offer the rare opportunity to get hands-on exposure to welding, shipfitting, machining, pipefitting, electrical and sheetmetal. Even if you have no idea what any of those trades are or if you would be good at them, now is the chance to find out.

The sessions will be held at both Westerly Education Center and New England Institute of Technology, from November 2-23 at 5:30-8:30 p.m. Electric Boat and its hiring and training partners -- Community College of Rhode Island, Westerly Education Center, and NEIT -- want to help women who are considering manufacturing careers to ask questions, review the job descriptions, hear from women in the field, and hopefully, take the next step toward employment.

To participate or get more information about the sessions, contact Heather Lee at 401-268-3469 or email her at hlee@gdeb.com.