Mental Health First Aid Classes

If someone you know seems to be experiencing emotional distress, how can you be sure? Would you know how you can help?

By investing just eight hours in training, you can become certified in recognizing warning signs of persons in distress, conducting assessments for risk of suicide or harm, improving nonjudgmental listening skills, and encouraging appropriate professional help.

Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds of Washington County is offering three workshops in mental health first aid. All sessions are free. One focuses on affected senior citizens; one on adolescents and their mental health challenges; and one addresses veterans, military and their families.

The mental health first aid sessions teach participants about risk and protective factors along with the warning signs of common mental health conditions; how to respond appropriately; and how to stabilize situations until professional assistance, if necessary, is available.

The sessions are evidence-based trainings used in more than 25 countries. Renewable, three-year certifications are provided to participants who complete the courses.

Registration is required. Each session is scheduled in two half-day formats, and registrants must complete both half days to earn certification.

To register, contact either Faith Hanson at or 401-584-4931, or Donna Greene at or 401-788-2371. All sessions below will be held at Westerly Education Center, 23 Friendship Street, Westerly.

 Dates  Times  Topic Focus
 January 13 and 15  5:30 pm - 9:45 pm  Veterans
 January 27 and 28  5:15 pm - 9:30 pm  Youth










photo credit: jcomp at freepik