Summer Online Courses

The cancelation of all in-person continuing education classes this spring and summer presented an opportunity for RISD CE to launch a suite of 14 online classes (April 27–June 8). This is an exciting opportunity for the extended RISD community to connect, engage and create again in a virtual online setting. RISD CE online synchronous classes meet live during a specific day and time via a virtual Zoom meeting. Asynchronous discussions, course materials and assignments can be taken at any time of day as they do not meet live. These online classes are delivered by the course management system CE Link.

RISD Continuing Education, is committed to your academic and professional development – and above all, your health and well-being. That’s why we've transformed several of our in-person courses to an accessible online format that will allow you to connect, engage and create while maintaining the social distance that is vital to our response to COVID-19. Join RISD CE to explore a new subject or take your very first course in art and design.

As this initial suite of online offerings will be taught synchronously, we need to target people primarily in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. For example, students on the East Coast will actually be logging in at 6:30–9:30 pm as the instruction will be live. Join RISD CE Online this spring to stay connected with the RISD community, level up your job skills or explore a new subject:



Our offerings: Courses begin the week of April 27:
Surface Design: Introduction
Jewelry Rendering
Claymation: Introduction
Comic Book Illustration: Introduction
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Digital Design Techniques I: Daytime or Evening
Photography: Introduction
Graphic Design: Introduction
Web Architecture
Cascading Style Sheets
Product Development + Manufacturing: Introduction
Drawing + Rendering for Product Design
Interior Design: Introduction